The Fumbler Age Project -
Geographical Information

# First Name Surname Email Address Suburb / Town City State / Province Country
001 Andrew Blanda [email protected] Bexley Sydney NSW Australia
002 Robert Szucs [email protected] Blue Mountains NSW Australia
003 Terence Gui [email protected] Mississauga Ontario Canada
004 Sarah Williams [email protected] West Hempstead Long Island NY USA
005 Suni Edson [email protected] Washington DC USA
006 Kacey [email protected] Orange County CA USA
007 Amy Foltz [email protected]
008 Matt DeWaal [email protected] Chatham Ontario Canada
009 Cori  
010 Julia [email protected] Toronto Ontario Canada
011 Alison [email protected] East Lansing MI USA
012 Erin McKinney   East End Louisville KY USA
013 Katharine Garofalo [email protected] Port Washington Long Island NY USA
014 Laure [email protected] Iowa City IA USA
015 e [email protected] Cottonwood Heights Salt Lake City UT USA
016 Becky Paddack   Lee's Summit Kansas City MO USA
017 Mike Steeves   Fredericton New Brunswick Canada
018 Michael Wang [email protected] Costa Mesa Orange County CA USA
019 Lindsay Marsh [email protected] Austin TX USA
020 Ben Ovando [email protected] Orange Cove Fresno CA USA
021 Anya East [email protected]
022 Melody Tiner [email protected] Chicago IL USA
023 Sarah [email protected] Washington DC USA
024 Markus Hansson [email protected] Scania Sweden
025 Claire [email protected] Peterborough England
026 Martin Herok [email protected] Kerpen Germany
027 Andrea S [email protected] Ontario Canada
028 H Wheeler  
029 Dawn Johnson [email protected] Port Arthur TX USA
030 Matt DesOrmeaux [email protected] League City Houston TX USA
031 Marisa Emralino [email protected] Belleville NJ USA
032 Julio Velasquez [email protected] Dallas TX USA
033 Lizza [email protected] West Hills Los Angeles CA USA
034 Devon Mussmon [email protected] PA USA
035 Greg Jinkerson  
036 Erika Gherardi [email protected] Mandarin Jacksonville FL USA
037 Jen  
038 Lilly  
039 Meredith White [email protected]
040 Lisa Rosenberg [email protected] Longmeadow MA USA
041 Shawna Carter [email protected] Derby KY USA
042 Michael Abram [email protected] Brooklyn NY USA
043 Katie Wickliffe [email protected]
044 Travis Stewart  
045 Shawn [email protected] Gibbons Edmonton Alberta Canada
046 Paul Schreiber [email protected] Waterloo Ontario Canada
047 Lisa   Seattle WA USA
048 Sara Brooke [email protected] Wonga Park Melbourne VIC Australia
049 Pamela Lee [email protected] Sydney NSW Australia
050 Skye Johnson [email protected] Ballan Melbourne VIC Australia
051 Carol [email protected]
052 Gregg Wagener [email protected] Oxnard CA USA
053 Allison  
054 Jenn Dillon [email protected]
055 Mirah
056 John Stewart [email protected] Seattle WA USA
057 Hanson Ho [email protected]
058 Attila Hardy [email protected]
059 Jojo [email protected]
060 Chris French [email protected] Yuba City San Fransicso CA USA
061 Amy   Cleveland OH USA
062 Chiang Crozier [email protected] Ofallon St Louis MO USA
063 Fred Sowder [email protected] Gainesville FL USA
064 Katie "Easter" [email protected] Orlando FL USA
065 Brian Wilson [email protected] Portland OR USA
066 Leigh Anne [email protected]
068 Joe Wasicek [email protected] Atlanta GA USA
069 Leanne Grant [email protected] Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
070 Kim C [email protected] St Catharines Ontario Canada
071 Nichole Burton [email protected] Palmyra Rochester NY USA
072 Alana Jones [email protected] North Carlton Melbourne Victoria Australia
073 Sean Harding [email protected] Seattle WA USA
074 Adrienne Duncan [email protected]
075 Rachel Coats   Sylvania Toledo OH USA
076 Michael Tabaczka [email protected]
077 Wai Kong Lee [email protected]
078 Cynthia [email protected] Louisville KY USA
079 Kyle [email protected] Mertztown PA USA
080 Shelley Wong [email protected]
081 Michelle Brush [email protected] Syracuse NY USA
082 Lance Kinney [email protected] Austin TX USA
083 Ryan Mathes [email protected]   St Louis MO USA
084 Irene Mucaki   Toronto Canada
085 Karla [email protected] FL USA
086 Beth   Toms River NJ USA
087 Rebecca Alperstein   USA
088 Elizabeth [email protected] NY USA
089 Margaret Bennett   Zion IL USA
090 Anna Burdette [email protected]
091 Liz G**** [email protected]   Upstate NY USA
092 Miles Liebtag  
093 Lesley [email protected] Nashville TN USA
094 Doug McPhile [email protected] Portland OR USA
095 Jessica [email protected]
096 Joe Cerasoli [email protected] Tallahassee FL USA
097 John Brewer [email protected] Stanton KY USA
098 Markus Frabotta [email protected] Education Hill Redmond WA USA
099 Katie Horne [email protected] PEI Canada
100 Michelle Feldman [email protected] Philadelphia PA USA
101 Ferol Partin [email protected] In a cornfield Fostoria OH USA
102 Lisa Jackson [email protected] Ontario Canada
103 Kara Skagg   Gig Harbour Seattle WA USA
104 Lisa Wilson [email protected] Austin TX USA
105 Heidi Schroeder [email protected] Olympia WA USA
106 Jonathan Stooner [email protected] Scottsdale Phoenix AZ USA
107 Andrea Butler [email protected] Henderson Las Vegas NV USA
108 Dixon Lee [email protected] Quincy MA USA
109 Lauren Moon [email protected] Canon City CO USA
110 Aimee Austria [email protected] Ann Arbor Detroit MI USA
111 Trish Hores [email protected] God Awful Westerville OH USA
112 Stephanie Connell   Henderson Las Vegas NV USA
113 Andrew Vernon [email protected] Hoover Birmingham AL USA
114 Shana Coplowitz [email protected] University City (Upenn) Philadelphia PA USA
115 Mohammed Alutaibi [email protected] Dharan Eastern Province Saudi Arabia
116 Kelly M Smith [email protected] Ypsilanti MI USA
117 Kate Boose [email protected]   Ontario Canada
118 Matt Nielsen   Livermore CA USA
119 Victoria Lowe   Downer's Grove IL USA
120 Keserine Mikkelson   Plano IL USA
121 Scott Evans [email protected] Huntersville NC USA
122 Jonathan Terry [email protected] Los Angeles CA USA
123 Amber Osgood [email protected] Seattle WA USA
124 Jordan Marsh [email protected] Westminster MD USA
125 Kadi Kinney   FL USA
126 Jay Pellis [email protected] Archbald PA USA
127 Wei Yann Chua [email protected] Palmerston North NZ
128 Jennifer LeTrusse   London UK
129 Adrienne Ng [email protected] Los Angeles CA USA
130 Johan Braennlund [email protected] Uppsala Uppland Sweden
131 Kaitlin Hines   Mohnton PA USA
132 Michelle McCarthy [email protected] Mt Gravatt Brisbane Queensland Australia
133 Kristopher Ballard [email protected] Rincon Valley Santa Rosa CA USA
134 Dennis (.den-e) Moore [email protected] North of Shaughnessy Port Coquitlam British Columbia Canada
135 Matt Harker [email protected] Wilmington DE USA
136 Jeremiah Gowdy   San Marcos San Diego CA USA
137 Kristy McCourt [email protected] Durham Region Oshawa Ontario Canada
138 Julian Dunn [email protected] Flemingdon Park Toronto Ontario Canada
139 Lauren Schreibstein [email protected] NYU NY USA
140 Jenni Knoff [email protected] Omaha NE USA
141 Nicole Killian [email protected] Buffalo NY USA
142 Katherine Markham [email protected] Original Highlands Louisville KY USA
144 Kelly Gordon   Manteca CA USA
145 Ash Parnell [email protected] Cincinnati OH USA
146 Laurence Cazes [email protected]   Lille Nord France
147 Marianne Schindelbeck [email protected] Neckarsteinach Heidelberg Hessen Germany
148 Nicole Elliot [email protected]   Tampa FL USA
149 Nick Vasilo [email protected] Parlin Sayreville NJ USA
150 Nicky Rheaume [email protected]   Tiverton RI USA
151 Will The FAQ Dude [email protected]   Greensboro NC USA
152 Mindy Burkhart [email protected]   Brightwaters NY USA
153 Beth         CA USA
154 Dan Knoff [email protected]   Omaha NE USA
155 Aaron Martineau     Superior WI USA
156 Chris Bryant [email protected]   Washington DC USA
157 Lora Porterfield [email protected]   Huntsville AL USA
158 Laura Michelle Geyer     Livermore CA USA
159 Cole Farrell [email protected]   Muncie IN USA
160 Gina Mullet [email protected]   Cleveland OH USA
161 Mel Boysen [email protected] Harwood Heights Chicago IL USA
162 Aly Light [email protected] Park City Salt Lake City UT USA
163 Melissa Kralik [email protected] Penn Hills Verona PA USA
164 Dana Neiman [email protected]   Greenfield NJ USA
165 Dave Reed [email protected]   Loughborough Leicestershire United Kingdom
166 Megan Koster [email protected] E. Somerville Somerville MA USA
167 Kat McFall [email protected] Roland Roland IA USA
168 Ash Petterson     Salem OH USA
169 Clodagh O'Rourke [email protected] Douglas Cork Munster Ireland
170 Andrew Taylor [email protected]     Dundee United Kingdom
171 Andy Papoutsis [email protected]   Nederland TX USA
172 Ryan Decasa [email protected]   Reno NV USA
173 Rachel   [email protected]   Chicago IL USA
174 Calli   [email protected]   Portsmouth VA USA
175 Emily Withrow [email protected] Des Moines Seattle WA USA
176 Joe Parrie     Natchitoches LA USA
177 Colleen Farry     Short Hills NJ USA
178 Jackie Harris [email protected]   Croydon PA USA
179 Bryana     Markham Toronto Ontario Canada
180 Brenda Cale     Ozark KS USA
181 Laura Vandegrift [email protected] Des Moines Seattle WA USA
182 Heather Hanchett [email protected]   Gainesville VA USA
183 Riki M   Santa Monica Los Angeles CA USA
184 Elise Rogers     St. Cloud FL USA
185 Benny Shinozaki [email protected]   Rosemount MN USA
186 Lisa Banerjee [email protected] Getzville Amherst NY USA
187 Katie Register     Goldsboro NC USA
188 Dana Wagner [email protected]   New York City NY USA
189 Charlie Watts [email protected]   Durango CO USA
190 Andrea Ball [email protected] Hubbard Youngstown OH USA
191 Steven Papadakis [email protected] Astoria Queens NY USA
192 Carrie Moran     Scotia NY USA
193 Tracy Duncan     Kokomo IN USA
194 Matt Butler   Citrus Heights Sacramento CA USA
195 Lydia Whitehead [email protected]   Muncie IN USA
196 Shelley Maurer [email protected]   Altoona PA USA
197 Christina Montion [email protected]   Visalia CA USA
198 Michelle Meierhoefer [email protected]   Knoxville TN USA
199 Vincent Nicolai     Zaandam NH Netherlands
200 Mary Martin-Cobos   Sioux Falls Sioux Falls SD USA
201 Erin O'Rourke [email protected]   Huntingdon NY USA
202 Dennis Chia   Serangoon Singapore Singapore Singapore
203 Megan Stewart [email protected] Kamloops British Columbia Canada
204 Leanne Meschwitz [email protected]   Franklin MA USA
205 Torkell Tagseth [email protected] Ranheim Trondheim   Norway
206 Lisa Golmen [email protected]   Bergen   Norway
207 Amy Kendall [email protected]   Goulburn NSW Australia
208 Kim C [email protected]   St Catharines Ontario Canada
209 Amelia Hardy [email protected]   Thomastown GA USA
210 AJ Morning [email protected]   Silver Spring MD USA
211 Kim David [email protected]   Erie PA USA


Becker     Chicago IL USA
213 Angela Rohner [email protected]   Rochester NY USA
214 Lori James [email protected]   Rutledge TN USA
215 Denise Thomas [email protected]   West Chester PA USA
216 Laura Mathis [email protected]   Tallahassee FL USA
217 R. (ShellyBelly) Taylor [email protected] Capitol Hill Seattle WA USA
218 Lalita Pukyama [email protected]   Staten Island NY USA
219 Leslee Lucas   Cumberland Cumberland MD USA
220 Danielle Christian [email protected] Lakewood Cleveland OH USA
221 Candace Selph [email protected]   Carrollton TX USA
222 Heidi Maier [email protected] Mermaid Waters Gold Coast QLD Australia
223 Stacy Garner   Anderson Anderson IN USA
224 Sarah   [email protected]   Keithville LA USA
225 Kristina Wilcox [email protected]   San Luis Obispo CA USA
226 Becca Slominsky [email protected]   State College PA USA
228 Chris Beattie [email protected]   Columbia SC USA
229 Kevin Haight [email protected] Unity Rural Saskatchewan Canada
230 Jenny Klug [email protected]   Visalia CA USA
231 Thanh Luu [email protected] Washington DC Riverdale MD USA
232 Phil Makower [email protected]     Cambridge United Kingdom
233 Alisha Bigelow [email protected]   Greensboro NC USA
234 Stefan Lura [email protected]   Minneapolis MN USA
235 Noor Ali-Hasan [email protected]   Edwardsville IL USA
236 Tom Hall [email protected] Moenchengladbach NRW Germany
237 Michael deAntonio [email protected]   Antioch CA USA
238 Beckie H [email protected]   Coffs Harbour NSW Australia
239 Rebekah Eleazer [email protected]   Harrodsburg KY USA
240 Elizabeth Koprucki [email protected] Lyndon Louisville KY USA
241 Lois Rodriguez [email protected]   Austin TX USA
242 Zack Skelton [email protected] Republic   MO USA
243 Brendon Doran [email protected] Muswell Hill London   United Kingdom
244 Lara Conrad [email protected]   Columbus OH USA
245 Cheryl King [email protected] Hailsham East Sussex   United Kingdom
246 Ryan   [email protected] Diamond Bar Orange County CA USA
247 Adam F [email protected]   Sydney NSW Australia
249 Nanc Doggett [email protected]   Kansas City MO USA
249 Karen McEwan [email protected]   Darwin NT Australia
250 InÍs Claro [email protected] Estoril Lisboa   Portugal
251 Mari Wilson [email protected]   Toronto Ontario Canada
252 Kenny Banzhoff [email protected]   Hagerstown MD USA
253 Sarah Harrison [email protected]   Windsor Ontario Canada
254 Mareesa Orth [email protected]   Traverse City MI USA
255 Meghan K [email protected]     MI USA
256 Kevin Thompson [email protected]   Boston MA USA
257 Greg Madsen [email protected]   St Stephen New Brunswick Canada
258 Tilly Baker [email protected]   Clinton TN USA
259 Anna Jackson [email protected]   Upper Hutt Wellington New Zealand
260 Ron Jeffers [email protected]   Oakwood OH USA
261 Jennifer T [email protected]   Melbourne Victoria Australia
262 Rachel F [email protected]   Chicago IL USA
263 Kim Loftis [email protected] South Toe Burnsville NC USA
264 Tim Boston [email protected]   Toronto Ontario Canada


Danny  Wallace [email protected] Morphett Vale Adelaide SA Australia
266 Samantha Osborne [email protected] Prestonburg KY USA